St Dormeir is easy to care for. A special finishing process used on our wool makes it completely machine washable and  machine dry-able. You get all the benefits of wool, with complete ease of care.


Machine wash in warm (NOT hot) water, on a gentle cycle. Use a high quality detergent. Do not bleach, or use a detergent that contains bleach. Use the maximum water level. Do not launder with other laundry items. Do not overload the machine. We recommend washing a mattress protector by itself, or no more than two pillow protectors in a load.

Machine dry on delicate, at a medium temperature (NOT high heat). Do not over-dry, as this can make the wool fill brittle. Remove your St Dormeir protector from the dryer as soon as it no longer feels damp. Do not Iron. Do not dry clean.

Our cotton terry cover is a special type of weave that maximizes absorption, to ensure the driest, most comfortable sleeping environment. Terry weave will "lint" more than other weaves, so please be aware that after every laundering, you will find some lint in your dryers lint trap. This is normal.


After laundering, you will find your St Dormeir protector will appear to have shrunk a little. However, when you put the protector back on your mattress, it stretches easily to fit. They are made this way to always fit properly without bunching. Pillow protectors are made slightly oversize, and will fit perfectly after the first wash.